The Switch – Tales from the Crypt Season 2; Episode 2

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Television Reviews
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There are a lot of familiar names associated with Tales from the Crypt, but Arnold Schwarzenegger, who directed the second episode of Season 2, is one of the biggest.  It’s no surprise that the storyline involves body building and wanting the perfect body, something that Arnold worked very hard at.

William Hickey had to have been the best choice to to play the rich old guy, wanting to rejuvenate his frail body to woo a young women.  His persona, voice and stature were perfect.

There aren’t any scars to be had here, but the story and acting are all great.  The FX, if you can call them that, look fake, but I believe that is intentional to add to the story.  I  mean, look at this shot of Hickey after a procedure, it’s frighteningly bad!

The SwitchThe Switch is an easy and fun watch.  It’s enjoyable, but not a marquee entry into the series.


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