Descent into Darkness – Week 3 Results

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Event Review

Tough week as work was very involved, but I strung together a couple viewings Saturday to put together some points.  Next week looks to be even tougher as I will be traveling.

Near Dark (1987, 95m)
Total Points: 6 – ATB (Vampire destroyed by sunlight)
Although overshadowed by The Lost Boys, which came out the same year, this may be a better movie.  I love them both, although the tones are very different between the two.  This is molded more in the fashion of a classic western, and is much grittier than The Lost Boys.

An American Werewolf in London (1981, 97m)
Total Points: 4 (Transportation Tunnel <subway>, Antagonist attacks under the cover of darkness)
Absolute classic and the best werewolf movie out there, at least in my opinion.  Equal mixes of horror and comedy, supported by some amazing practical FX, including the best transformation scene on film.  Give this a spin this Halloween season.

Jurrasic World (2015, 124m)
Total Points: 2 (No bonus elements)
This was what I was expecting.  Big dinos rampaging and terrorizing tourists.  The new dinosaur was pretty cool and I dug the DNA twists.  I wasn’t huge on the raptor weaponization, but it worked with the storyline.  Pratt was fun, but I could see his schtick not lasting real long.  At least he’s getting paid while he can.  Worthy addition to the franchise.

The Pyramid (2014, 89m)
Total Points: 6 – ATB (Finale takes place in a tomb)
This was better than I expected, but I think it could have been really good had it dropped the documentary/found footage angle.  Creature design and storyline were engaging.  Pleasantly surprised with this.

Trollhunter {Trolljegeren} (2010, 103m)
Total Points: 6 – ATB (Trolls destroyed by sunlight)
Great spin on the documentary / found footage genre, this time searching for Trolls in Norway!  The FX were awesome and I loved the look of the different trolls.

Horror Rises from the Tomb {El espanto surge de la tumba} (1972, 89m)
Total Points: 5 (Scenes in a tomb, phantom mist (Naschy turns into mist and flees, Antagonist attacks at night)
It’s not Halloween without Paul Naschy.  If you don’t know Naschy, check him out.  So many great flicks!

Monster Squad (1987, 82m)
Total Points: 5 (Antagonist attacks at night, Monster in a closet, Bat startles someone)
I saw this in the theatre during its theatrical run and have loved it ever since.  This movie had a lot to do with me becoming a horror fan.

Nightbreed – Theatrical Cut (1990, 102m)
Total Points: 6 (ATB – Monster destroyed by sunlight)
Clive Barker’s imagination frightens me, and thoroughly entertains me at the same time.  Nightbreed is a great monster movie, but who are the real monsters?9/10

Tombs of the Blind Dead {La noche del terror ciego} – Spanish Version (1971, 101m)
Total Points: 5 (Takes place in an ancient tomb, Antagonists attack at night, Supernatural mist when the Knights appear)
Atmosphere galore, great looking monsters and an original story make this a must see.  I recommend watching the original Spanish version, as the English version is edited like crazy.

C.H.U.D (1984, 88m)
Total Points: 6 (ATB – Finale takes place in the sewer)
Really fun movie from the 80s with a great cast and awesome creature design.  If  you own the DVD, check out the commentary, it’s hilarious!

Alligator (1980, 90m)
Total Points: 6 (ATB – Finale takes place in the sewer)
Great creature feature!  I love the sewer storyline and Robert Forster is a bad man. Recommended viewing!

The Fog (1980, 89m)
Total Points: 3 (Phantom Fog)
I actually didn’t like this the first time watching it, but it’s grown on me a lot over the years.  Great acting and impressive atmosphere make it a good watch.

American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel
American Horror Story – Season 5, Episode 2: Chutes and Ladders (2015, 60m)
Total Points: 4 (Vampires – attack only in the dark, Forcibly entombed, Hidden Rooms)
I was getting bored, but Even Peters pulled me back in.  They guy is masterful.  Lady Gaga is also killing it.  This has the potential to be a great season.

American Horror Story – Season 5, Episode 3: Mommy (2015, 76m)
Total Points: 3 (Vampires – attack only in the dark, Hidden Rooms)
Still not completely sold on this season, but I will give it time.  One thing this show has shown me is that it can pull together all the divergent storylines into a great conclusion.

Total estimated points: 67



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