Dead Right – Tales from the Crypt Season 2; Episode 1

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Television Reviews
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Tales from the Crypt returns for a second season with a couple big stars in Demi Moore and Jeffrey Tambor to tell another tale of greed gone wrong.  As I look back at the episodes I’ve watched, you can see that so many of them touch on one (or more) of the seven deadly sins.  It’s an effective approach and really helps the audience connect to a story in such a short time frame.

Demi Moore is great, showing a disgusting person underneath a really beautiful exterior, marrying the obese Jeffrey Tambor for what she perceives as a large amount of money.  Howard Deutch returns to direct another episode after Season 1’s Only Sin Deep, which is a very similar story, and does another great job here.

Although this episode didn’t blow me away, I thought it was a good start to season 2.  I think it is great to see big stars lend their talents to a show like this, and Moore and Tambor are no exception.

Dead Right


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