The Man Who Was Death – Tales from the Crypt Season 1; Episode 1

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Television Reviews
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The entire Tales from the Crypt series has been sitting on my shelf for a few years now.  Every once in a while, I’ve taken a season down and checked out a few episodes, but this Halloween season, I’ve decided to see how far I can get with it, starting from the beginning.  This will also be the first reviews I write for TV shows, so the format will be much shorter, something I am dubbing Quick Hits.

Tales from the Crypt S1

Tales from the Crypt - The Man Who Was Death

The first episode, The Man Who Was Death, was directed by Walter Hill, a veteran who has worked in many genres, something that was very common for Tales from the Crypt, especially in the earlier seasons.  It starred William Sadler as a an out of work executioner who takes the law into his own hands when murder suspects escape the law.

The first episode is fantastic and really sets the tone for Season 1.  It plays like a much darker Twilight Zone, although there are no supernatural elements to be found in this episode.  I’ve long been a fan of William Sadler and I think his acting is a prime reason that this episode is so enjoyable. Gerrit Graham also makes a brief, although shocking appearance (sorry, The Crypt Keeper is obviously wearing off on me!)


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