Up All Night with Scream Factory! A look at volume 2 of their All Night Horror Marathon series.

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Movie Review
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Around Halloween of 2013, Scream Factory released its second offering of their All Night Horror Marathon series. The series was designed to release films from the past that couldn’t support a solo, or even double feature release. I think it is a great idea, although I was a bit let down by the fact that it was released on DVD only. Due to popular demand, Cellar Dwellar and Catacombs will be getting the double feature treatment on Blu later this year. Personally, I would have chosen The Dungeon Master over Catacombs, but I am happy to see Cellar Dwellar getting a better release.


The first movie I watched started the marathon off with a bang! Cellar Dwellar was directed by John Carl Buechler and had a small appearance by the always awesome Jeffrey Combs. It tells the tale of a comic book creation come to life, killing the inhabitants of an art school. The story and creature are really great and this is the best movie in the collection in my opinion.


Next on the list was The Dungeonmaster, also known as Ragewar. I don’t recall this one from my youth, which is odd, seeing as how I was a total D & D nerd back then. Dungeonmaster is broken into several segments, each directed by a different person and featuring Paul, a computer programmer battling Mestema, and evil wizard / dungeon master and his various challenges. Charles Band produced Dungeonmaster and the directors feature John Carl Buechler and Ted Nicolaou, plus a few other names I didn’t recognize. While the movie is pretty cheesy (not a bad thing), Richard Moll plays a pretty awesome villain. This flick was worthy of inclusion in the marathon on his role alone.

Contamination dot 7

I rolled from The Dungeonmaster right into Contamination .7. It’s actually had several different titles including Troll 3, Creepers and The Crawlers. Much like Troll 2, this movie has no connection to the previous entries and doesn’t even feature a troll. It’s about hazardous waste turning tree roots into killers. This little gem comes from us from no other than Joe D’Amato, which may explain the multiple titles. Anything to sell the film. It seems like the worse the movie, the more names it has to confuse potential viewers. This is easily the worst movie in the collection. It’s pretty boring and the acting is horrendous. . It’s a good thing I embarked on this marathon during the day, otherwise I would have likely fallen asleep. This was tough to sit through for me.


The finale to the marathon is Catacombs (also titled Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice). I intend to go back and revisit this one as I was pretty jaded by Contamination .7 when I watched it. A school teacher is visiting an ancient monastery for research, but doesn’t realize that the monastery happens to be the prison for an ancient demon. The demon gets loose and chaos reigns. Catacombs was directed by David Schmoeller, who also delivered Tourist Trap, Puppet Master and Crawlspace, among others, so he has delivered some pretty good stuff for Charles Band. The demon had a pretty cool look to him, reminding me a bit of Castle Freak (just not as mutilated and also not dickless). I’ll be checking this out when it hits on Blu Ray for sure, because as it stands now, I don’t recall much of the movie, other than I didn’t overly enjoy it.

All in all, this is a pretty great set, especially for the price. I’d pay the full price just for Cellar Dwellar, so you have to look at the other movies as a bonus. Contamination .7 is the only stinker in the bunch (I’m guessing Catacombs is better than I am giving it credit for). I’d like to see Scream put out another of these sets and would really like to see them do one of these on Blu-Ray.


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