Clown (2014)

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Movie Review
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Clown Poster

Directed By: Jon Watts

Starring: Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare, Elizabeth Whitmere, Christian Distefano, Eli Roth

Synopsis: Kent McCoy dons a clown suit for his Son’s birthday, but is unable to take it off. Disturbing changes and urges ensue.

Thoughts: Clown’s origin is an example of brilliance in Guerilla Marketing. Jon Watts, the eventual Director, released a fake trailer and had the gall to attach Eli Roth’s name to it. Normally, this would result in something along the lines of a cease and desist order, but Eli thought it was fantastic and backed the movie, becoming a Producer, and played a bit role.

Luckily, Jon Watts had more than just a few minutes worth of a story when it came time to make a feature length movie. The story is original, even if the content is bit repetitive, but what isn’t these days? Kent’s transformation throughout the movie is reminiscent of Seth Brundle in The Fly, becoming more monstrous while still trying to hold on to his humanity. Clown also breaks a pretty significant unwritten rule (at least in mainstream American horror), by killing children onscreen. This rule isn’t just broken though; Clown may have set a record for amount of kids killed. I mean, Kent heads to a Chucky Cheese for some snacks, which just proves my belief that that place is Hell on Earth.

I was really impressed with the acting throughout the movie, which is often a common area that I find fault in movies. Andy Powers, who plays the lead, was convincing, being able to be scary and invoke sympathy throughout the movie. Peter Stormare, who is seemingly everywhere these days, is almost always great fun to watch, and doesn’t disappoint here either.

The effects are top notch as well, and Clown splatters the red stuff around liberally. Clown does a good job of pulling the camera away at the right moment while still being pretty damn gory.

There have been plenty of movies that looked great from the trailer (real or fake), but have failed to deliver a quality product. In my opinion, Clown delivers. It’s been one of my favorite discoveries of the past year, and I’m a little surprised more people aren’t talking about it. A portion of that could be that it has yet to be released in the US, which is also a surprise to me. Maybe it’s the fact that children are killed, but I have to believe that there are distributors that would give it a shot. If you do get a chance to check this out, give it a shot.


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