Croczilla (2012)

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Movie Review
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Croczilla (2012)
AKA Million Dollar Crocodile {Bai Wan Ju E}

Directed By: Li Sheng Lin

Starring: Tao Guo, Barbie Hsu, Suet Lam

Synopsis: A 36 foot crocodile raised in a sanctuary escapes after being sold and rampages across the country side.

Thoughts: I’ve long been a sucker for killer croc movies, so when I was paging through options on Netflix and Croczilla flashed across the screen, it was an easy selection. It’s been a long time since watching a horror movie with no preconceived notions or any idea what the film entailed, so I was really looking forward to watching it. In fact, until clicking play, I didn’t even realize that this a Chinese movie!

Even though Croczilla is billed as a horror movie, there’s just not a lot of scares to be found. It mimics some of the 1970s Godzilla movies with its comedic moments and there are a couple of pretty cool scenes where the croc attacks, but it just isn’t enough to make this a worthwhile entry into a favorite subgenre of mine. It plays a lot like a dubbed ScyFy Channel movie.

I don’t recommend checking out this movie, but if you do, venture forth with copious amounts of your favorite alcoholic beverage and a couple of friends to help you riff on the movie. Don’t be fooled by the awesome poster I found either.   It is easily the best part of the movie that I’ve experienced.

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