Science Team (2014)

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Movie Review
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Science Team

Directed By: Drew Bolduc

Starring: Vito Trigo, Richard Spencer, Emily Marsh, Matt Chodornek, Mariea Terrell, Josh Potter, Lloyd Kaufman

Synopsis: Chip battles a telepathic alien and The Science Team.

Thoughts: Science Team comes to us from Drew Bolduc, creator of The Taint, and promises a movie unlike any you’ve seen. I will have to say Drew is correct. This is not an easy movie to categorize. It’s got plenty of laughs, but it’s not exactly a comedy. There’s an alien, so you could categorize it as Sci-Fi, but it doesn’t fit well there either. Of course there is a good amount of gore and melting faces, but this isn’t a horror movie either. What it is, however, is a lot of fun, and I could see this becoming a bit of a cult hit. It plays like a “midnight movie.” Something a crowd of people could get into, laughing along and cringing at some scenes in unison.

Science Team was put together on a self-proclaimed micro-budget, but that’s not apparent from the quality of the production. The camera work, editing and score are all pretty fantastic. You don’t feel like you are watching a cheap movie by any means. At times, the acting can be a bit distracting, but for the most part, the actors do a great job. Vito Trigo, who plays Chip, is a very intense personality. There were a couple of scenes where he was downright frightening on the screen (like when he lost his mother). It really pulled you out of a campy horror movie and made you a bit uncomfortable (in a good way). I think he could play a very dark personality effectively (thinking something along the line of Taxi Driver).

While I’ve heard of The Taint before, this is actually the first I’ve heard the name Drew Bolduc. I am thoroughly impressed with what he has done on such a small budget, and sincerely hopes he continues to make movies. He’s got the creativity and eye that is sometimes rare in the realm of film. I’m on the search for The Taint as you read this.

If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch with a group of people, give Science Team a shot. It’s an interesting premise and a great example of innovative filmmaking. You will also be supporting independent filmmaking, which is not a small thing.

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