She-Wolf of the Woods (2013)

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Movie Review, Short Film
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She-Wolf Poster - Chapter 3

Directed By: Adriana Polito

Starring: Toni Benedetti, Tyne Roberts, Jamie Evans, Jason Harvey

Synopsis: A forest ranger spends her days searching for loners to satiate the hunger of the She-Wolf.

Thoughts: She-Wolf of the Woods is a few things. It is a 32 minute short film that also serves as a glimpse of a larger feature that is awaiting funding, it is the directorial debut of Adriana Polito and it is also a fresh look at the lycanthropy sub-genre. Last, but not least, it is a movie that you should check out and support.

While I’ve seen plenty “apprentice” type characters in vampire movies, I can’t recall the relationship being used with werewolves before, which is what really sets She-Wolf of the Woods apart from most shorts. It’s difficult to find original stories these days, and She-Wolf delivers that in spades!

The acting is better than I generally see in short films, especially ones with smaller budgets. Toni Benedetti and Tyne Roberts are magnificent as the forest ranger and Lucille (the titular She-Wolf), although neither have extensive resumes. In fact, this is Benedetti’s debut!

Adriana Polito makes an impressive debut behind the camera as well. She really shows that she has the eye to entertain movie goers and I, for one, really hope she gets the opportunity to provide that entertainment. The writing is also smart and witty, using just the right mix of humor and levity.  About the only thing missing from She-Wolf of the Woods is a bigger budget. While the FX are well done, they could be better with more of a budget, but every filmmaker has to start somewhere, and this is one hell of a start!

You can get more information about She-Wolf of the Woods at these sites listed below, including details to rent or buy She-Wolf, which all goes to support the creation of the feature.


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