Dream Seekers Productions Short Double Feature: Little Reaper & The Beast

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Short Film
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Just prior to Christmas, I was introduced to Peter and Aubrey Dukes and their production company Dream Seekers Productions.  They’ve made several short films over the years, including Little Reaper and The Beast.

Little Reaper gives us a glimpse into the day in the life of a Grim Reaper who is trying to raise a teenage daughter.  It’s a simple story, with very basic makeup, but is very poignant, especially for those of us that are raising children.

After the lighthearted Little Reaper, I was expecting much the same from The Beast, which is about a father dealing with a son that is cursed with lycanthropy.  I couldn’t have been more wrong about what was waiting for me.

The Beast is a grim tale and one that is wrought with tension.  I was glued to the screen waiting to see what happened next.  The Beast stars cult horror favorite Bill Oberst Jr.  I’ve loved just about everything I’ve seen Oberst do.  It seems he often outshines the script he is working (see Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies for the perfect example).

While I found Little Reaper to be well made, fun and for lack of a better word, cute, it was really The Beast that resonated with me.  I was left wanting to see more when the credits roled for The Beast.  I wanted to experience more of the tension and more scene chewing by Oberst.  In my mind, this is exactly what a short film should do; leave you wanting more.

Do yourself a favor and take the next 20 minutes or so to watch both of these shorts.



Here are some links where you check out more of what Dream Seekers is up to:

Website: www.dreamseekersprods.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dreamseekersproductions
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dreamseekerfans

  1. shnsjolin says:

    Shortly after posting this, I found out that The Beast is in pre-production as a feature length film! This is one that I will be sure and follow as it gets made.

  2. billoberstjr says:

    Hey thank for taking a look at The Beast! Writer/director Peter Dukes deserves respect and a budget – I hope the good reaction that this short has been getting well do both. He’s a true artist. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Was one of my favorite roles to date, actually. I’m a bit Universal/Hammer classic horror fan, so it was a blast to pay homage to that vibe in The Beast.

    with appreciation,

  3. shnsjolin says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am also a fan of the Universal and Hammer monster movies, which is probably why I enjoyed The Beast so much. I’ve re-watched both of these several times over the last couple of days and really love them both. I find it amazing that they are so different from one another, yet still very good. I am looking forward to what Peter Dukes does in the future.

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