Happy October! Here’s a chance to win a Trick ‘r Treat prize pack!

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Give Away
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It’s October, my favorite month of the year!  Halloween is a big deal in our house, as we go all out with decorations and watching scary movies all month long.  I take part in a couple of different movie watching contests to help build excitement.  I don’t usually stand a chance of winning seeing as how I have a job and family, but it is still great fun.  Look for a post later this week about one known as The Madness.

By far my favorite yearly ritual is getting our garage ready for Halloween night.  We always have a different theme and it’s always a big hit with the neighborhood kids. I don’t think it hurts that we also give out full size candy bars!  It’s always a blast and our own kids have pretty much given up on their own trick or treating so they can stay at the garage.

This year, I want to hear what your favorite part of the Halloween season is.  Leave your comment below, and on October 11th, I’ll pick a winner at random to receive a Trick ‘r Treat Prize pack that features the Blu Ray, a sucker like the one Sam uses and some other goodies that I got from FEARnet to celebrate Halloween.  Make sure and leave an email address so I can notify the winner.  Also, winners are restricted to the Continental US & Canada (shipping sucks!).

Trick R Treat

  1. This is an *amazing* giveaway. It’s hard to choose just one favorite part of Halloween, but I’ll have to go with carving jack o lanterns, watching horror movies, eating autumn treats, going to haunted houses, decorating… What? That’s *totally* one thing! Cheers! onipar [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

  2. Kimberly says:

    My favorite thing is geez too many to narrow down, but it’s the costumes. Seeing all the cool ideas people come up with.

  3. Stu Jopia says:

    Well the best part if Halloween for me is on the 1st of oct we all decorate our whole house from top to bottom in the most awesomely evil decorations. Then we make Halloween cakes and watch endless horror movies till we pass out from eating too much.

  4. Deaven says:

    It’s hard to narrow down a fave, but I will say it’s probably carving pumpkins and celebrating Halloween. I love seeing the little kids trick or treat! I also love mass amounts of horror, but that’s pretty regular.

  5. gina mink says:

    not gonna lie, its the only time of year i find home decor i truly like. plus, i get to stock up on fake blood for the rest of the year…

    (ginamink *at* gmail *dot* com)

  6. Lew says:

    Loved trick r treat! Need to show it to the girlfriend next chance I get

  7. fringevoid says:

    Paper dolls?! Sweet. I live my life like it’s Halloween year round, so I guess my favorite part of the season is all this nice weather.

    fringevoid at yahoo dot com

  8. Alice VonZombie says:

    Its seriously hard for me to pick just one reason Halloween is my favorite let’s see had it not been for my love of horror and the one time of year you actually got to dress up and be who you always wished you could be for one night a year I would have probably ended up a very different person! Add zombies gore and begging neighbors for free candy and horror movies galore makes it awesome in itself . I guess my favorite thing would be everything at this point I can’t pick just one thing it all makes me school girl giddy every year.

  9. hedgehogi says:

    I love all the Haunted Houses and Decor! It is so awesome the stuff they have now.

    alholm.co at gmail dot com

  10. I’ve worked at haunted house attractions since I was 12 (the legendary Netherworld in Atlanta for the last 10 years), and scaring people for a month is definitely my favorite part of Halloween.

  11. The best part of Halloween is my mask does not stand out as much !

  12. shnsjolin says:

    NOTE: I will ship to Canada as well!

  13. cinemadame says:

    My favourite thing about Halloween is the feeling that anything could happen on that night! That smoky, crisp smell in the air, the community feeling as everyone comes out and runs around in costume/hands out candy/etc. I always stay up as late as I can just to take in as much of that atmosphere as possible. Old black and white horror flicks, halloween candy, horror-themed potlucks… sigh, everything!

    Did you see The American Scream?? Sounds like something you’d like given your garage haunt!

    • cinemadame says:

      Aaand I got so caught up in gushing about Halloween I forgot to leave my email address 😛 dana_keller at hotmail dot com!

  14. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! SAM IS MY HERO! I would love and pet the sucker, and name it George. @zombiepenguin82@gmail.com

  15. Gosh.. there is so much fun but the best part is getting into your costume. The one you poured your heart into or the one you just spent 5 min on. It is the transformation into another character that I love. Also it means that you are just about ready to go out and get FREE CANDY FROM STRANGERS which is also one of my FAVORITE things about this holiday.

  16. Lynn Felmet says:

    I love my annual “Halloween” movie marathon. 24 hours of Michael Myers, great friends, and great snacks.

  17. Christenia Colvin says:

    My favorite part of the Halloween season is planning what theme we will have all year long till the big day, gathering up the dead leaves into pumpkin trash bags, the smell of pumpkin pie and that first cold snap that freezes your face, hot chocolate, caramel apples, Halloween stores, watching my kids carve patterns from Zombie Pumpkin designs, daylight savings and of course the fact that all my Halloween movies are on TV.

  18. Tiffany Shultz says:

    The best part of the Halloween season for me is that the rest world finally looks the way that my world looks all year long. I love getting to shop for new decor to add to our home.

  19. Haven says:

    The absolute best part about Halloween starts on October 1st when I create a Halloween movie list and watch a horror movie each night for the month of October. It ends with a big shabang on Halloween night, in which I ALWAYS watch John Carpenter’s “Halloween” (must be Carpenter’s). We usually play a drinking game and take a shot every time Linda says “Totally.” Also, for the entire month of October, Boobs must be referred to as “Yabos” –As to reference the infamous Thora Birch in “Hocus Pocus.”

  20. chris garrison says:

    My fave part of Halloween is the non-stop horror movies on tv.I can’t get enough of them!

  21. Mike says:

    My favorite part of Halloween has got to be the 31 days of nothing but horror movies. Every week I put out new decor for my weekly movie nights, which feature a double feature, good friends, pizza and ice cold beer! This has been a tradition for the past 4 years.

    Happy October & Halloween to everyone!

  22. Ann says:

    Every October I do a 31 Day marathon of only horror, starting with The Exorcist and ending with Halloween. My cousin comes from NYC (Im in NC) to participate and we hit up all of the horror related happenings in the area. We spend Halloween night at the Myers House to celebrate with Kenny and the local horror community.

  23. Jenna says:


    I love dressing up and decorating for our Halloween party!

  24. shnsjolin says:

    Thanks to everyone for sharing! I picked a winner at random and that is Alice VonZombie! I hope everyone has an awesome October and Halloween! Keep an eye out for another giveaway happening soon.

  25. Sharmelita Crump says:

    Omg! Halloween is my favorite holiday , along with fall being my favorite season.
    I love helping my kids get ready for trick or treating and going out and seeing all of the decorations and seeing all of the neighborhood children in their costumes.
    Then coming home and talking about and viewing all of the pictures I took while out trick or treating. I try to get back in time and always catch a few trick or treaters to pass out candy to.While out trick or treating I always have a crock pot of stew going so when we get back we have something to warm us up after being out in the cool weather. Then we light candles, watch scary movies,tell scary stories and eat candy!

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