Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Movie Review
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Wishmaster 4

Directed By: Chris Angel

Starring: John Novak, Jason Thompson, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Michael Trucco

Subgenre: Demons, Supernatural

Synopsis: The Djinn returns, intent on granting three wishes to his waker to bring his fellow Djinns back to our dimension.

Thoughts: The story of the Djinn is basic and repeated through all four movies.  Someone accidentally releases the Djinn and then must figure out how to stop the Djinn from destroying all of humanity.  Whether or not that story translates into a good movie is up to the details.  The first Wishmaster really delivered a tight package.  The story wasn’t muddled with bizarre subplots and featured some very good FX.  Things went a little downhill in the first sequel, but overall the story was still good.  The third movie fell off a cliff, both in terms of FX quality and storyline.  Even though the fourth movie was directed by Chris Angel, who also brought us the third, I thought it started off a bit better.

One of the reasons that I found myself liking Wishmaster 4 more so than 3 was Michael Trucco, who played the human version of the Djinn.  He’s a lawyer that the Djinn dispatches and steals his identity and he really embodies the sliminess that Andrew Divoff perfected.  Tara Spencer-Nairn was pretty decent as the “waker” as well.  I didn’t really go for Jason Thompson’s brooding character.  It was just a little over the top for me.

Now, I mentioned that Wishmaster 4 started off better than its predecessor.  What I didn’t say was that it finished any better.  The story continued to travel in an offbeat direction.  There is an Angel that shows up out of nowhere to try and kill the “”Waker” and ends up dying at the hands of the Djinn.  There was no lead-in to this appearance, he just showed up.  It was like they needed another 10 minutes to add to the runtime so they came up with this.   There are also other Djinn that pressure the “main” Djinn to finish granting his third wish.  Why is he dragging his feet you ask?  Well, he’s fallen in love with the “Waker” and wants to convince her to love him for what he is.

I’m all for trying something new in formulaic movies, but the last two Wishmaster movies have really tried some terrible ideas, and they just didn’t help the movie, or series at all.  I don’t think it’s a mistake that Director Chris Angel hasn’t done a lot since making these movies.

If you’re a fan of the Djinn, stick with the first two movies.  Wishmaster 3 & 4 are not worth your time.

  1. Your review actually makes me want to watch this, despite the warning of how bad it is.

  2. fringevoid says:

    I’ve labored through Part 3’s awfulness, so I’ll trust your warning this time.

  3. It’s definitely better than Part 3, but sorely needs Andrew Divoff to help rise above its bland plot.

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