Hatchet 2

Directed By: Adam Green

Starring: Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Parry Shen, R.A. Mihailoff, John Carl Buechler, Ed Ackerman, Rick McCallum

Subgenre: Slasher

Synopsis: Picking up right where the first movie ends, Marybeth escapes the clutches of Victor Crowley and organizes a hunting party to end his reign of terror once and for all.

Thoughts: Adam Green continues his love letter to the Slasher genre by cranking up the gore factor and recruiting even more horror icons for the sequel to his 2006 cult classic.  Although Hatchet II was unrated, it did garner a limited release in theatres, only to be pulled after three days.  Although there was never a reason given for it being pulled, the popular culprit is the MPAA flexing its muscles.  If it was the MPAA, all they really did was manage to give the movie more publicity than playing in 68 theatres ever would.

The biggest cast change would be replacing Tamara Feldman with fan favorite Danielle Harris.  Although Feldman did a fine job in the initial movie, I think the move was a good one.  Harris did a great job and brought another genre name to the bill. Green also recruited Director Tom Holland and R.A. Mihailoff to join the fun.  Couple that with the return of Kane Hodder, Tony Todd and John Carl Buechler and you have quite the combined horror resume.

The storyline is really nothing special.  It’s a pretty classic hunting party/revenge bit, but Green isn’t looking to revolutionize the genre, he’s really looking to pay tribute to it.  For that, I appreciate the Hatchet movies.  You know what you are getting when you sit down to watch it and that is a cast full of horror icons, a larger than life villain and over the top kills, each one seemingly topping the last.  I can just imagine Green sitting in the Director’s chair, cackling maniacally as Kane Hodder rips and shreds his way through victims.  It’s that attitude that makes the Hatchet series work.  Don’t overthink it, just enjoy it.

  1. I, too, was pleased with the casting change in the female lead role. Danielle Harris has long been a favorite of mine, dating all the way back to that chilling final image from Halloween 4. I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I know there’s another chapter but, due mostly to how much I like the way this one “ends,” I find myself reluctant to watch Hatchet III.

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