The Video Dead (1987)

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Movie Review
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Video Dead

Directed By: Robert Scott

Starring: Michael St Michaels, Rocky Duvall, Roxanna Augesen, Sam McClelland, Vickie Bastel

Subgenre: Zombies

Synopsis: A supernatural television spews forth zombies that attack the living.

Thoughts: The Video Dead is a slam dunk example of an average 80s movie with an amazing cover.  I faintly recall being tantalized by this cover in my formative years, and was eager to check it out when Scream Factory recently released it.

As you can expect the acting is pretty atrocious, even for an 80s zombie flick.  It’s not even worthwhile to discuss individual performances, because no one stood out.  They were all equally bad.  I will say that the zombies looked pretty cool.  The makeup was well done and some of the zombies had a great “look” to them.  Now, their behavior on the other hand, was a little different than most zombie flicks.  These zombies had feelings, and are looking for love and attention.  They also love dancing.  Weird, I know, but you just roll with it as you are watching.

Robert Scott wrote, directed and produced The Video Dead, and it was his first film.  It was also his second to last film, as he would go on to direct the 1990 movie Ratdog, which I’ve never heard of and has no details on IMDb.  That’s not to say the guy hasn’t been busy, he has an extensive resume as a second unit or assistant director.  His direction is better than the acting, and the storyline is unique enough to have intrigued me, but I can see why he has made his career as a second unit director.  He seems to have the technical skill but maybe not the finesse needed to helm a successful movie on his own.

The Video Dead falls into that category of so bad it is good that makes it fun to watch.  There are a lot of really bad zombie movies from the 80s, and while Video Dead isn’t great, the zombies look good enough to propel it past a lot of the other “bad” movies.  It’s on a double feature with TerrorVision and was recently released by Scream Factory.  Fans of 80s cheesiness should have this set on their radar already, but if you don’t, it’s worth a look.



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