Slaughter High (1986)

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Movie Review
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Slaughter High

Directed By: Mark Ezra, Peter Litten, George Dugdale

Starring: Simon Scuddamore, Caroline Munro, Carmine Iannaconne, Donns Yeager, Gary Martin, Billy Hartman, Michael Saffran

Subgenre: Slasher

Synopsis: Years after playing a prank on the class nerd that ended violently, the offending classmates are invited to a school reunion where they die horrible deaths one by one.

Thoughts: The 80s are littered with slasher movies that weren’t quite good enough to take a place at the upper echelon of the genre.  Slaughter High is one of those movies.  It isn’t the worst 80s slasher I have seen, but it isn’t really anything special either.  It features a pretty interesting killer sporting a jester mask, which was probably the coolest aspect of the movie and some creative kills but the script and acting are the downfall of the movie.  Bad acting is nothing new to the horror genre, but Slaughter High just wasn’t strong enough to make me overlook it.

The cast of Slaughter High consists mostly of unknowns who never made a big splash in the film industry.  The lone exception to this is Caroline Munroe who has starred in many genre films, as well as several science fiction and action movies.  Munroe worked with the likes of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Paul Naschy and Jess Franco.  Needless to say, there are many more impressive movies on her resume.  It’s also interesting to note that Simon Scuddamore, who played Marty, committed suicide shortly after the film was completed.

Direction for Slaughter High was a collaborative effort by the same team that wrote the story and script, but most accounts credit Goerge Dugdale as the primary Director.  The movie was initially titled April Fool’s Day, based on the prank at the beginning, but the title had to be changed when it was discovered that Paramount would be releasing a movie with the same title the same year.  It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Harry Manfredini did the score because I’m pretty sure a horror movie didn’t get made in the 80’s without him adding the music.

Slaughter High is watchable, but not great.  Slasher fans should seek it out if they already haven’t, but there is a lot better 80s fare out there.

  1. craft fear says:

    For some reason, when I look at that poster I think of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  2. Lynne Sellers says:

    Wow, praise IMDb and Google, for I have been trying to remember the name of this f’ing awesome movie for over 15 years now. Slaughter High, man! Hells yeah!I’m not going to bore you with a plot summary, and actors, and yadda yadda yadda, ’cause you all know what’s up. That’s why you’re here anyway. What I will do, however, is explain the fond memory I have of this quintessential 80’s D-Movie slasher joint.In 1987, when I was around the age of 7, my father used to rent all these horror movies. Would he care that his kids were watching them with him? No. So, at that young age i saw Slaughter High. What I saw in that movie stuck with me big time. I haven’t seen it since, but I remember to this day most of the ridiculous kills in the movie. For example, the post-sex scene (why is there a metal bed in a school?) gets electrocuted. Or, the guy being drowned in a cess pool. Come on! My personal favorite, though…the exploding stomach from the tainted beer. Amazing! How can you honestly hate on a movie where one of the characters finds a beer in an abandoned school, like, 10 or 15 years later and thinks it would be a good idea to drink it? Then his stomach explodes? What!? And that great line: Let’s take my car…it always starts. Classic crap all the way. I mean, I look back now, almost 20 years later, and laugh at it. But when I was 7, I was scared sh!tless. That jester hat (or was it a mask?) that the killer rocks throughout freaked me the f*ck out!All in all, yes, a crappy movie. But for nostalgia purposes and for humor factor this movie gets a 9 out of 10 from me. Either stay up every night real late and hope to catch this on same Late Late Late Movie show, or hunt down a VHS copy and dust off your VCR.

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