Prison (1988)

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Movie Review
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Directed By: Renny Harlin

Starring: Viggo Mortenson, Tom Everett, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Chelsea Field, Lane Smith, Kane Hodder

Subgenre: Supernatural

Synopsis: Creedmore Prison is reopened thirty years after Charlie Forsythe is executed for a crime he didn’t commit and Charlie is waiting for his revenge.

Thoughts: There was a time period in the late 80s when I was in Junior High and spent a lot of time at a friend’s house who had an older brother that would rent us any movie we wanted.  This led to me seeing many gems from the 80s, including the recently released Prison (Thanks Scream Factory!).  Prison was one of those movies that genre fans clamored for for years.  Prior to the Scream Factory release it hadn’t been released since the VHS days.

It’s surprising that it took so long for Prison to gain a release with some of the names attached to it.  The first, and most famous of those names is Viggo Mortensen who plays one of the inmates at the prison and is the star of the movie.  Based on that alone, I would have thought Prison would have hit DVD or Blu when Lord of the Rings came out and Viggo’s star was burning brightest.  Lane Smith is a familiar face as well and gives a great turn as the maniacal warden who is the primary target for revenge.

In addition to the acting, Kane Hodder did the stunts as Charlie Forsythe, the vengeful spirit in the climax.  His work on Prison solidified his reputation in Hollywood and led to him gaining larger roles in Hollywood, the most obvious example being Jason in four Friday the 13th movies.

Director Renny Harlin makes his money by bouncing between the horror and action genres, providing hits and misses in both along the way.  I love A Long Kiss Goodnight and Deep Blue Sea is a really fun movie, but Exorcist: The Beginning and Cutthroat Island are both pretty poor.  He does a good job here taking advantage of the very spooky atmosphere.  The effects are spaced out, but are really well done.  I miss the day of practical effects.

Prison is a movie that all horror fans should see.  It is, or rather was, one of the last gems to make it to DVD/Blu-Ray.  Scream Factory is proving to be one of the best things to happen to the horror genre in quite some time, so support them and pick up some of their titles today!

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