CreepshowDirected By: George A Romero

Starring: Tom Atkins, Tom Savini, Ed Harris, John Amplas, Stephen King, Leslie Nielsen, Gaylen Ross, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver, E.G. Marshall

Subgenre: Anthology, Zombies, Creature Feature

Synopsis: Five short stories pay homage to the horror comics of yesteryear.

Thoughts: It doesn’t always work out for the best when horror legends decide to work together, but when Stephen King and George Romero teamed up to give us Creepshow, they hit one out of the park.  King’s stories and Romero’s work behind the camera, coupled with an extremely impressive cast, made for one of the best horror anthology movies ever.  The idea to model the movie after the horror comics of the 50s allowed for easy transitions between the individual stories and gave the movie a very cool vibe. 

I can’t say enough about the acting.  There are recognizable fact man every segment, some horror icons such as Tom Atkins and Adrienne Barbeau, Romero “regulars” John Amplis, Gaylen Ross and Tom Savini, and even some heavy Hollywood names in Ed Harris, Leslie Nielsen and Hal Holbrook.  Stephen King stars in his very own segment, which is impressive for a writer to put himself out there, even if the acting isn’t all that great. 

This is my favorite non-Dead movie by Romero.  The stories are all different enough to keep the movie from dragging, which is both a tribute to Stephen King and Romero.  While all the stories are fairly strong, my favorite is The Crate by far.  I think the pacing makes it exciting to watch and the subject matter is different from anything Romero has done before.  The weakest story is The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, which is the segment that Stephen King starred in.  It goes by pretty quickly, but I didn’t care for King’s portrayal of Jordy. 

Creepshow is a modern classic and deserves a place in everyone’s collection.  It also appeals to a broader audience based on the strength of the cast and the brisk pace of the individual stories.  It’s also a jewel in the crown for George Romero, showing that he knows how to make more than a zombie flick.

  1. ddogh says:

    I’ve always wanted to see this – great insight!

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