[REC ] (2007)

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Movie Review
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Directed By: Paco Plaza & Jaume Balaguero

Starring: Manuela Velasco, Ferrán Terraza, Pablo Rosso, Jorge-Yaman Serrano, David Vert

Subgenre: Zombies

Synopsis: A news crew is trapped in an apartment building where a nasty virus is running rampant, turning people in raving zombies.

Thoughts: It really is a shame that American audiences don’t embrace foreign movies more. While [REC] may not be a well-known film to American audiences, its American remake Quarantine probably is.  I was one of many that watched Quarantine prior to [REC], mostly due to the crawl like pace that the original was released in Region 1. I thought that Quarantine was a decent little flick, but for some reason [REC] took the tension to another level. I thought the ending was better explained and seemed even creepier than the remake.

[REC] tells the story of a reporter and her cameraman as they follow a couple of firefighters for the night to get a better idea of their daily routine. They follow a call to an apartment building and soon find themselves trapped inside the building along with all the other residents and a couple of police officers. The twist is that it isn’t some deranged killer holding them captive, but government officials quarantining the building due to a possible virus. The virus proves to be very real, and the infected behave a lot like the fast moving zombies of 28 Days Later… Will anyone survive the night?

I think that the hand held camera genre of horror is a bit of a mixed bag, but when done well, can be very effective. [REC] is at the top of the list of these movies, as far as I am concerned. I am a fan of Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project, but I think [REC] tops them both.

In a lot of hand held, found footage type of movies, the acting is not the focal point, however, in REC, the acting is very well done, and comes across as very real.    There were a few times were I questioned the main characters adamant stance on recording every detail of the night, but that is just a leap of faith that a viewer has to take in a movie like this.  If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be anything to watch.

[REC] is well worth your time. Spain has dropped some amazing genre titles in the last few years, but most of them have been slower paced ghost stories (The Orphanage and The Devil’s Backbone to name a few). [REC] is anything but slow paced. The tension starts to build as soon as the group enters the apartment building and by the conclusion the tension is near unbearable.


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