The Madness 2012

Posted: September 22, 2012 in News and Rumors
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Madness Banner

I am psyched to be part of my second “Madness” on Facebook this year! What is this Madness you ask?  Well, it’s only one of the craziest, most intense movie marathons in the history of Halloween.  Participants are divided into teams (I’m on team Sharktopi!) and awarded points based on the movies they watch.  There are bonus points galore and each year had a different theme.  Last year was Slashers, which I really enjoyed, but this year has me really excited with the Classic Creatures and Vampire Features theme!

I’ve got Universal, Hammer, Jean Rollin, Paul Naschy, Godzilla and more queued up.  I am ready to rock this year and can’t wait for it to start next weekend.  Part of the reason I am so excited for this year, is that both my boys are joining me (at least for some of the movies, they’re not quite ready for Rollin or Naschy!)  They are helping me plan our opening weekend marathon, which starts next Sunday, the 30th of September.

I’ll be making weekly posts here to keep everyone updated, but you can also follow along on Facebook.  You can also find the full rules there are well.   Join the group, even if you don’t want to participate (this year is closed already), it’s a great place to hang out and meet fellow horror fans.


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