Uncle Sam (1997)

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Movie Review
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Uncle Sam (1997)

Directed By: William Lustig

Starring: Christopher Ogden, Leslie Neale, Anne Tremko, Isaac Hayes, William Smith, David Fralick, PJ Soles, Robert Forster

Subgenre: Slasher

Uncle Sam

Synopsis: Sam Harper, recently killed in combat during Desert Storm, has come back to life to exact revenge on those that disrespect the United States.

Thoughts: I love the “idea” of Uncle Sam, where a war veteran comes back from the dead to exact revenge on those that disrespect our country, call me patriotic I guess.  The execution, however, could have been better.  Bill Lustig chose to inject humor into Uncle Sam, where I would rather have seen it keep a bit more of a serious tone, something a little closer to Lustig’s Maniac Cop.

The acting was over the top all the way around.  Many of the would-be victims were like cartoon character versions of the people that disrespect our country.  There were the kids burning a flag and tagging headstones, the crooked politician and the lawyer that cheated the courts as much as he could, all just begging for Uncle Sam’s vengeance. 

I swear there were times when cast members were reading off of cue cards.  Many of the lines come off sounding wooden and unrehearsed. It takes quite a bit for me to notice bad acting, but it was rampant in Uncle Sam.  There were some notable faces to be found in Robert Forster and Isaac Hayes.  I love Isaac Hayes, but at this point I can’t hear him in a movie without doing a South Park impression (usually Cartman). 

The strength of Uncle Sam is the killer, Uncle Sam Harper.  The makeup is effective and the Uncle Sam mask that he dons is rather creepy in its own right.  The kills are average, some being borrowed from other slasher movies (hedge clippers).

If you are checking out Uncle Sam based on Lustig’s previous success with Maniac and the Maniac Cop series, you are in for a bit of a letdown.  Uncle Sam can be enjoyable, if you know what you are in for.  This is definitely one of those movies to watch with friends, have some drinks, and develop your own MST3K commentary. 


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