2012 Texas Frightmare Weekend Preview

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Event Review
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Here we are, less than a week until my annual trek up to Dallas for Texas Frightmare Weekend.  I can’t believe that this will be my fourth year attending already.  I’ll have to take off some time Saturday this year as I have a flight leaving Houston on Sunday for work, which sucks, but I think the time spent there will still be great.

When it comes to autograph collecting, I generally only get things signed that I can and want to display.  Having limited space to display posters and pictures allows me to be a little more selective.  Here is what I am planning on getting signed this year:

Re-Animator 11×17 poster – Barbara Crampton
Dawn of the Dead 11×17 (already signed by George Romero) – Tom Savini and Gaylen Ross
Friday the 13th 11×17 – Tom Savini and Ari Lehman
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Steelbook (signed by Hooper) – Gunnar Hansen, Ed Neal and Ed Guinn
Behind the Mask limited print by Chris Ott – Nathan Baesel and Scott Glosserman

I tossed around the idea of getting a They Live poster for Piper, David and Meg Foster to sign, but wall space dictated otherwise.  I also wanted to find something cool to have Lamberto Bava sign, but other than some limited edition Demons DVDs, nothing really caught my eye.

While meeting genre stars is always a blast, the best part of the weekend is always hanging out with likeminded fans, drinking the night away and telling stories.  Often times, guests of the convention make their way into the bar and are more than happy to hang out with the fans. 

This year Loyd and company are putting on a Friday night prom, in honor of the Carrie guests.  My wife and I are totally attending, as we started dating just after that time in our lives and are looking forward to going to our first Prom together.  It sounds like the attire will include Halloween costumes, formal attire and the usual array of horror t-shirts.

When it comes to screenings and Q&As, I always plan on catching a bunch of them.  The reality is that I miss most of them because I am hanging out with friends.  I am going to try and catch the Walking Dead and Before the Mask panels for sure, but other than that, I will play it by ear.

Drop me a line if you plan on attending and we can meet in the bar.  It’s always cool to meet fellow fans.

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