The Dead (2010)

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Movie Review

The Dead (2010)

Directed By: Howard Ford, Jon Ford

Starring: Rob Freeman, Prince David Oseia, David Dontoh

Subgenre: Zombies

The Dead

Synopsis: Two soldiers attempt to survive war-torn Africa in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Thoughts: There have been lots of new takes on zombies in the last couple of years.  We’ve seen them get faster, smarter, and in some cases funnier.  The Dead goes back to its roots with shuffling blood thirsty zombies.  It takes place in the wide open of deserts of Africa, so it is a bit different than the usual claustrophobic cities as well.

I thought The Dead would have been a great inclusion in George Romero’s Dead films.  Not only are the zombies the same, but there is a fair amount of socio-political commentary as well.  Much like Romero’s earlier films, there is quite a bit of character exploration as well.  The Dead is not a perfect movie though.  I thought that the pacing was off in the middle and the film could have had a good ten minutes or so trimmed out.

There are not a lot of characters in The Dead.  The film revolves around two soldiers, one American and one African.  It creates an interesting dynamic as the two must rely on one another to survive.  I thought both roles were very well acted, and the acting is something that set this movie apart from other independent horror flicks.  There were a couple of other supporting actors, but no one with much screen time.  Of course the zombies got a good bit of screen time, and they looked very good.  It’s amazing to look at the strides in makeup in the last 25 years.

The Dead is one of the better zombie movies to come out in recent years.  I highly suggest you check it out.  Personally, I really look forward to what else the Ford Brothers bring us.

  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one… and you know how I love zombie movies. I’ll be checking this one out the first chance I get.

  2. shnsjolin says:

    It’s worth the effort to track it down. I was happy I bought it. I think I got the Blu on Amazon for $15.

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