Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Movie Review
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Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)

Directed By: Kevin Yagher/Alan Smithee

Starring: Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, Doug Bradley, Christine Harnos

Subgenre: Demons & Possession, Science Fiction-Horror

Hellrasier Bloodline

Synopsis: The fourth installment of the Hellraiser series serves as both a sequel and a prequel, telling the origin of the Lament Configuration, as well as its destruction.

Thoughts: It usually doesn’t bode well for a movie when there are issues between the Director and the studio, and Bloodline is no exception.  I thought that the storyline was there, but it was just never developed.  The editing and pacing is pretty rough, and the cuts were forced by the studio, which then prompted Director Kevin Yagher to disown the film.  Joe Chappelle was brought in to finish off the movie, but it was credited to the infamous Alan Smithee.

Clive Barker served as a producer, and this was actually his last involvement with any of the films.  I would love to see him return for another film, but it isn’t looking good with his health and the track record of the series lately.

There are a couple of bright points to Bloodline.  I thought Bruce Ramsay played his multiple roles well and he was a welcome addition to the Hellraiser multiverse.  As always, Doug Bradley is awesome as Pinhead.  I even enjoyed Valentina Vargas in her multiple roles and makes for a pretty bad ass Cenobite.

Like I said, there were some interesting ideas presented in Bloodline, but the pacing and editing was just a mess, and ultimately ruined what could have been a pretty damn good movie.  It just goes to show that Hollywood studios don’t know what they are doing, especially when it comes to the horror genre.

  1. I’m glad Joe Chapelle hasn’t been allowed near any other horror franchises since 1995-1996. This one and Halloween 6 are both widely criticized by their respective fanbases. And they should be. I feel bad for Kevin Yagher, because it really looks like he was on to something with this one. Above all, the 85 minute run time just doesn’t cut it (no pun intended). For a story as complex as Bloodline was trying for, it needed a good two hours to tell it, I think. I also didn’t like how this one makes Pinhead a full-on villain. He had the excuse with Hellraiser 3 that Pinhead and his original human identity had been separated. But that was taken care of at that film’s climax. If continutiy matters (which I concede it rarely does in the horror field) he should once again be the anti-hero from movies 1 & 2.

  2. shnsjolin says:

    Let’s not forget Chapelle gave us Phantoms too!

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