The Innkeepers (2011)

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Movie Review
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The Innkeepers (2011)

Directed By: Ti West

Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis, George Riddle

Subgenre: Supernatural, Ghosts and Haunted Houses

The Innkeepers

Synopsis: During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel’s haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay.

Thoughts: Once again, a Ti West horror flick is building a very strong buzz, so I decided to check it out before hearing too much about it.  It is available on pay per view all over the place and comes out on DVD later this year.

I have to say that if you like Ti west’s House of the Devil, you will love The innkeepers.  It has that same slow burn to it, building tension throughout with a tense climax.  This time around, West uses more comedy in the first and second acts, which I thought really helped the movie along.  My chief complaint for House of the Devil is that it was pretty slow at times, so the added comic relief was a great touch.

The cast, although small, was fantastic, especially Sara Paxton, who plays the protagonist, searching for proof that the hotel she works in is haunted.  The rest of the cast is impressive as well, which is essential in the success of a movie like the Innkeepers.

I continue to be impressed with the Direction of Ti West, although this is just the second movie of his I have seen.  His movies have a sense of realism and intimacy that is not often seen in this genre.  I really feel like I am involved with the characters.  I look forward to see what West brings us and how his style evolves and grows.

I highly recommend The Innkeepers, although it probably isn’t for everyone.  Like House of the Devil, it takes a bit of patience to get to the climax, but it is a great piece of storytelling. 

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