The Perfect Host (2010)

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Movie Review

The Perfect Host (2010)

Directed By: Nick Tomnay

Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker, Helen Reddy, Megahn Perry, Joseph Will

Subgenre: Thriller

Perfect Host

Synopsis: A bank robber on the run crashes the wrong dinner party when he finds out that his host is more than he appears.

Thoughts: So, here’s a pretty good thriller that flew under most people’s radar.  John Taylor, a bank robber on the run, decides to hide out in a house, posing as a friend of the home owner, but he soon finds out that he chose the wrong house.

Without a doubt, the biggest strength of The Perfect Host is the acting.  I was really impressed with David Hyde Pierce here.  Honestly, I can’t remember him from anything other than Frasier, but he is pretty typecast from that role.  He takes that typecast and runs with it here, but totally turns it around.  Clayne Crawford, another fairly unknown actor, does a great job as the bank robber too.

I was totally on board with this movie until it decided to go all Shymalan on us.  What takes place in the house is great, and they should have just stuck with that part of the story, but there are several twists after the segment in the house that tend to cheapen it, dropping it from a really great movie, to a pretty good movie with a flawed ending.

Even with some of the asinine twists and pretty poor ending, I recommend this one just to see Hyde Pierce play the role of the perfect host.


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