Press Release: Microcinema

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Press Release
Microcinema Postcard

Microcinema Postcard

Harvest Tide Productions LLC Announces the Release of


Improvisation Can Be A Killer


“The Best Horror for Under a Dollar”

MASSACHUSETTS (September 1, 2011) Harvest Tide Productions LLC is proud to announce the release of “Microcinema,” a horror short starring Alex Lewis and Aurora Grabill and written and directed by Skip Shea.

“Microcinema” is the story of Peter Martell, a highly educated well-to-do young man with a lot of free time on his hands. He spends this time watching snuff films. One day he makes the bold decision to cross the line from observer to participant, aspiring to bring a philosophical element to his own kind of snuff films. Ready to go to work, he tracks his first victim into a haunted New England wood, where the line between participant and observer takes a different turn.

“Microcinema” was originally an idea for one of the episodes of Harvest Tide’s new web series “Longreach,” written by William DeCoff. “Longreach” follows the demise of Daniel Jedrek, the sergeant at arms for the Longreach Association, an ancient global charitable organization that takes charity to extremes. Longreach eliminates society’s undesirables and Jedrek is its hit man. He does the dark and murderous bidding of Dawn Aiden, the wife of Reverend Aiden who is among the leadership of one of the oldest American chapters of Longreach, located on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. As Jedrek begins to slip further and further from reality, his ten-year-old son is being groomed to take his place.

The Harvest Tide production team – Shea, DeCoff, Will Smyth and Emily King – decided that “Microcinema” stood on its own in bringing a brutal and horrifying tale to horror fans.”Microcinema” is now available on the film’s website for under $1.

”Microcinema” writer/director Skip Shea produced, written and directed six short films Mail; Video Diary: Last Entry; They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long; Putting On Its Shoes; Nostalgia; and Choices. Mail was selected for the invitation-only 11th annual Pawtucket Film Festival. Shea’s work took the runner-up award in the comedy short screenplay competition for his script The Bar at the 19th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival. The film is in pre-production now.He also produced, wrote and performed the very successful one man show called Catholic (Surviving Abuse & Other Dead End Roads) which debuted in New York City in 2005. The show went on to have a successful run at the Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theater and toured the East Coast. Shea is also a published poet whose piece “Songs of Mourning,” a memorial to those killed in the September 11 attacks in New York as well as to his daughter Shawna Shea, was selected by New York City jazz musician Jon Faddis to be performed at the 10th anniversary commemorative concert by the New York Chamber Music Festival.

  1. shnsjolin says:

    Interesting short that starts as your usual slasher/serial killer fare before taking a wicked little turn. Longreach also looks very promising. Check them both out!

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