Tenebre (1982)

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Movie Review
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Tenebre (1982)

Directed By: Dario Argento

Starring: Anthony Franciosa, John Saxon, Daria Nicolodi, Veronica Lario, Giuliano Gemma

Subgenre: Gialli

When it comes to style in horror movies, it is pretty tough to trump the Italians. Dario Argento has brought us many great horror flicks in the past such as Suspiria, Deep Red, and Tenebre. I have yet to see all his flicks, but so far, this remains my favorite. I think he is at his best in the Gialli genre. For me Gialli is Argento.

American author Peter Neal is in Italy to promote his latest horror novel, Tenebre. His work has apparently inspired a madman to go on a killing spree. The murders are what you would expect in this genre, razor blades, knives, and axes all wielded by a killer with black gloves.

The finale includes one of the most memorable scenes in horror. Veronica Lario is sitting at her kitchen table when one of her arms is hacked off by an unseen person with an axe. She spews approximately 5 gallons of blood onto the walls in what is one of the most outrageous death scenes ever. This looked like it was straight out of The Evil Dead or Dead Alive and reason enough to check out Tenebre.

Tenebre is also one of the infamous Video Nasties that were banned in the UK in 1984. It is probably one of the tamest films that I have seen on the list. I imagine that the arm scene had a bit to do with it, as well as the scene where the lesbian lovers are murdered.

Tenebre is definitely something you should check out. It is one of Dario Argento’s top films as well as an excellent example of Gialli. Horror fans looking to check out Italian horror could do a lot worse than starting with Tenebre.


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